Professional Profile: Beate L÷we-Navarro

1. Professional qualification:

  • Master of Business Administration (MBA)
  • Certified translator / interpreter for German / Spanish / Italian, member of Germanyĺs Federal Association of Interpreters and Translators (BD▄)

2. Main areas of experience:

  • Marketing consulting and fresh fruit import
    1. Over 20 years of experience at major fruit import companies
    2. Strategic marketing:
      supply programs for the food retail trade, development of
      sales concepts, brand development, launch of new products
    3. Import: planning of import programs, product line development
      with producers/exporters, quality assurance, cooperation
      agreements with overseas suppliers

  • Project management
    1. Introduction of the “Fruit Sensation“ brand for the
      Atlanta / UNIVEG group
    2. Participation in the implementation of a central key account
      management at the Atlanta group
    3. Sale of the Italian subsidiaries of the Atlanta group to an investor
    4. Extension of the overseas imports of the Atlanta group
    5. Foundation of the company Direct Fruit Marketing DFM GmbH
      as a German-American joint venture
    6. Import and commercialization of wines from overseas

  • Interpreting
    1. Simultaneous and consecutive, for example at congresses and
      court hearings in Europe and Latin America

  • Translations
    1. Main working languages: German, Italian, Spanish
    2. Specialization: economy, technology, laws, humanities, literature

  • International communication
    1. Intercultural experience and specific knowledge of various countries
      (especially Germany, Mediterranean area and Latin America)
    2. Talks / presentations
    3. Journalism: copywriting for the specialized press of European
      and Latin American fruit trade

3. Personal strengths:

  • Project management and organization
  • Strategic competence, focus on the essentials
  • Creativity and conceptual work
  • Teamwork, empathy
  • Commitment, reliability
  • Intercultural competence
  • Languages:
    1. German
    2. Spanish
    3. Italian
    4. English
    5. French
    6. Portuguese